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We believe the right technology can empower people to achieve their full potential. Globus Staffing will help you achieve smart, human-centric and data-driven placements of candidates.

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Single pane of glass

A complete overview of open job requirements, shifts, and job requests, regardless of the source and format - Vacancies and job requests from email, phone, VMS portals, or Globus’ own client portal are collected and structured in one unified interface.

By integrating with VMS portals, as well as using our bespoke Natural Language Parsers on your email inboxes, we ensure that you never miss another shift request from your customers.

Automatic and self-learning matching

Fill more shifts, faster. Our sophisticated AI-based matching algorithms ensure that the candidates you place are compliant and the very best fit possible.  Our unique data sets take into account a variety of factors, including candidate preferences, skills, locations, competencies, compliance and many more. We help you utilize more of your talent pool.

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Statistics and insights

You can finally know the size of your market, and how many requests you have acted upon, and what competencies are in the highest demand.  With all incoming job requests and job requirements going through the platform, Globus can provide unique market insights, performance data and unprecedented benchmark analysis. Use the insights to drive company strategy, decide on your recruitment focus, improve the candidate experiences, and gamify your team efforts.  

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What our customers say about us

Sverek would use technology when and where they can, if it makes their workflow more efficient. According to Bjorn Lindtorp, CEO of Sverek, implementing Globus AI has "the potential to disrupt the way they work."

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"To care about people, show empathy, pay attention to individuals, and to inspire and challenge them have always been fundamental values in our organization. This makes a perfect match. Artificial intelligence, not only streamlines our staffing processes, but also frees up more time for nurturing relationships, supporting each other, taking better care of employees and following up personnel, to mention a few benefits"

Christel Langebrekke,
CEO at Personalhuset Staffing Group Norway

"The Virtual Staffing Assistant from Globus AI has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. We have more time for our candidates and we can respond to our customers with higher quality in a more cost-efficient way"

Mattis  Kjellin
CIO, Dedicare

"A faster and more agile workday for all our team leaders who get an easier job of finding the right candidates at all times so they can spend more time on other important tasks" 

Irene Milford
Staffing coordinator, district of Nordstrand

"We hope and believe that patients and relateives will experience a change both in terms of increased quality of the personnel to come and that those on duty have the right experience and expertise for the tasks to be solved, and that there will be fewer different health workers for each patient»

Karianne R. Persson
Welfare technologist and specialist nurse, District Nordstrand

I just sent out a joint message about vacant shifts on Saturday and as early as Sunday the staffing schedules were virtually ready, completely automatically! This is going to save me a lot of time and manual work in the future and I am really excited about this development!

René Hedera
HR Consultant at Personalhuset Norway

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