Gain a competitive edge

You can now take advantage of every opportunity. Rapidly place the best people in the right roles. Match them to requirements based on experience, qualifications, availability and skills.


Increase in talent pool utilization


reduction in time spent allocating staff


of all orders processed instantly regardless of volume


With Globus AI, your Staffing Assistant will automatically process all incoming job requests. Converting each order, no matter the format, into a unified style that can be further analyzed and stored.


Quickly match available staff to roles, based on their competencies and experience. With the accuracy of recommendations growing with time, as the AI Staffing Assistant continuously learns from feedback data. Find the best people for every job, faster than your competitors.


Save precious time and resources communicating using your Staffing Assistant. With the AI taking on manual tasks, your team will be free to focus on value-added activities like relationship-building and speaking with clients.


Suitable candidates receive invitations via a text message, so they can quickly confirm their availability. The candidate can then select their preferred shifts and seamlessly communicate with your team.

“The Virtual Staffing Assistant from Globus AI has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition in the most responsive and cost-efficient way”

Mattis  Kjellin , CIO