We are dedicated to improving quality of lives through artificial intelligence.

Our vision

Globus AI is driven by a vision of empowering human potential. We believe that by allowing ambition to be fulfilled we also get better returns. Be it our client, the Globus team, our end-users, staffing coordinators, or people who are newly in a role. We combine the best of Scandinavian know-how with the cutting-edge technology that takes into account the human factor in staffing that ultimately provides better outcomes.

Our story

Globus AI is a Scandinavian AI company that empowers people to do the work they love, while maximising their potential by matching them to roles based on their skills and experience. Headquartered in Norway, the company focuses on healthcare and social work staffing, with an emphasis on professions that positively impact human lives. Helping organisations to place the right people in the right places. Leading healthcare providers, staffing firms, local governments and more, rely on Globus AI to fill in jobs quickly, improve the quality of services and save costs.

Our leadership team

Helge Bjorland


Ivan Metrikin


Tor-Håkon Hellebostad


Jan Kristiansen


Our partners