Workforce management. Faster than humanly possible.

Intelligent automation that thinks and feels like a recruiter.

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Human-centric automation for shift management

A faster and more personable way to connect shift work. By automating the early recruitment checkpoints, managing shift work can start three conversations in front. Empower a new generation of temporary workers with the security that a “career for life” gave generations before.

Data that learns and thinks like you

Every cycle looks past data to better understand preferences, behaviour, and shift-fit. That’s the DNA of

Single pane of glass

The entire shift management process from the vantage point of a single screen.

360° shift management

Automate job orders, searches, matches, and respond to volume at the most impactful time.

Staff Management has changed forever.

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Empower shift workers. Help shift managers.

A head start on job requests, searches, matching and booking – with Globus the whole process can take seconds, save hours, and make millions...

Fastest finger first

Automate the unnecessary and Improve consultant NFI by as much as 40%.
Focus on relationships

Redeploy recruitment activity to the critical conversations.
Fill the gap

How many missed shifts and improvements have you overlooked?

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See how Globus redeploys 58% of low-value
recruitment activity into high-impact value.

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Automation. Intelligence. Matching.

The intelligent way to fill shifts faster.


Faster response time


More shifts processed


More candidates available

Loved by our customers

From day one, exceptionally good customer support has been the guiding star in everything we do. Today, we are a team of 40 professionals and, from H2 2021, we have a dedicated customer success team in the United Kingdom. But don’t just take our word for it, read our customers’ experiences with below.

Globus has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. We have more time for our candidates and we can respond to our customers with higher quality in a more cost-efficient way.
Mattis Kjellin
CIO, Dedicare
There has been many “truths” that we’ve uncovered of the ways we used to work. It is a continuous process where we have to face our own way of doing things and look for improvements. It was in many ways something we had hoped for and now we see that it’s actually possible.
Bjorn Lindtorp
CEO, Sverek
I must say I was very skeptical. We were busy. Very busy handling all the regulations and extra work with Covid-19, and then spending time on learning and implementing something new… But I’m very happy we did. It was easy and intuitive. I didn’t realise how much time I’d spent on coordination until that time was freed up by Globus AI.
Stine Tangevold
Director, Mellombølgen Kindergarten
Using the Globus Staffing, I’ve seen such great results from using technology that it’s made me more open about new ideas and what we can accomplish together. The Globus AI team has been so attentive to our requests and clear on what you think are good ideas, what you will build, and what’s prioritized and not.
Ann Elin Langard
Senior Advisor, Personalhuset

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Automation that thinks and feels like a recruiter

Automation gets a pretty bad rap. It can be synonymous with replacing workers, rattling Luddites, and overhauling the human components of recruitment.

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