Fewer worries and more time to take care of your people

Don't let administrative chaos, time-consuming processes and a lack of data hold you back. You have more important things to do.

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From staff need to talent
placement in one tool

Stay on top of all incoming requests

Incoming requests from any source are automatically sorted by priority, urgency, and strategic importance. Everyone knows who’s doing what.

Find the perfect match ❤️

Automatically identifies and suggests top candidates, helping you provide work for more people. Smart and unbiased AI matching to help you, the candidates and your customers. A triple win.

Instant communication

All communcation flows directly into your team's shared interface. Live, easy to use, and available on desktop, tablet and mobile

Staffing. Reinvented.

User friendly, smart. Meet our virtual assistant. Allows for strategic work and more high touch interaction with your talent

Stop solving the same problems
over and over

We actively learn from the actions of the staffing managers and learns from the choices and preferences of managers, consultants and your customers

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Say hello to your new strategic partner. Bring quality into your data, and turn your data into to insights

What is your hit rate? How does demand for personnel develop over time? How many orders are missed? What regions are growing? Use all the data you did not know you had. Add the data we collect, let us enrich it, and bring your new super powers into the board room.

Empower your talent

Attract, retain and continuously develop your talent through interesting, challenging, and suitable assignments. Our AI is built to promote fair and decent working conditions and equality. Predictable workload and talent utilization increase satisfaction and improve business results

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Why Globus Staffing

Competence mapping

Enrich your data on each candidate and start seeing immediate benefits thanks to our competence mapping that considers a candidate’s past experience and skills.

AI matching

The staffing assistant automatically suggests candidates at the touch of a button. Finding the right person, with the right qualification and the right availability.


Benefit  from transparent processes and workflows. Every coordinator is  up-to-date with staff availability and placement status.


Make full use of your candidate pool. Build lasting relationships with all of your temporary healthcare staff members.

“The Virtual Staffing Assistant from Globus AI has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition in the most responsive and cost-efficient way”

Mattis  Kjellin , CIO

Easy to get started

Implementing Globus Staffing into your staffing agency is simple. We’re here every step of the way to help your agency empower your people and make the most out of your talent

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Onboarding and training

Learn more about Team Globoarding and our 7 steps to success model

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