How Lucas from Sverek reduced his daily job search time from an hour to just ten minutes by using Globus

Lucas Löfgren, consultant manager at Sverek, has been awarded our Globus Heroes Award for January.  Using Globus Staffing, Lucas has managed to cut his time searching for job requests from an hour a day to just ten minutes. He has deepened his relationship with his candidates because he is more readily able to offer them available jobs based on their skills, availability, region, and other preferences. Having experienced the benefits of using Globus Staffing to place doctors into jobs, Lucas is now training his colleagues to use the platform.  

In this interview between Andreas Kverneland, Manager of Customer Success, and Lucas, they delve into what makes Lucas a Globus Hero.  

Andreas: Hi Lucas, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. First of all, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you did before joining Sverek?

Lucas: I’ve been working at Sverek as a consultant manager for the past 5 months. Before this, I worked in electronic and smartphone sales. I’ve always been passionate about technology and computers, and my degree (from Uppsala University) is in IT systems and finance. My experience and knowledge has been useful in my new role, which essentially involves me being the middle- man between doctors and hospitals (customers). My goal is to find the best doctors and to provide them with best opportunities that match their skills and preferences, which then means my customers get the best doctors working for them.

Andreas: So you have been working “professionally” now for 5 months after you finished studying, and you’ve gone from being a student to working with doctors and the healthcare industry. How has that transition been for you?

Lucas: I never really came across the staffing industry during my studies and never thought about working with healthcare firms, but when I was offered the opportunity to work for Sverek, the challenge and opportunity really excited me. I knew I had to be a part of it. It’s really fulfilling to be helping people who, at the end of the day, are working to save lives. To be a part of improving patient outcomes is really rewarding.  

Andreas: That’s brilliant to hear, so tell us more about some of your placements so far — especially in the pandemic?

Lucas: I’ve managed to place quite a few doctors into jobs, and everything I’ve done has been during the pandemic as I started 5 months ago. What’s really interesting is seeing the range of competencies shown by different doctors, so I’m really enjoying getting to know my candidates and understanding more of what they specialize in.  

Andreas: Great, so let’s talk about the amazing work you’ve been doing with Globus Staffing. We’re really impressed with how quickly you’ve become a super-user in Globus (in record time) and how you’re now training your colleagues to use the platform. Can you tell us a bit more about how you use Globus Staffing in your everyday work?

Lucas: Globus Staffing was implemented about a week after I started. During that short space of time, I had already noticed how much time my colleagues spent scrolling through their inboxes to stay up to date on new job requests that were coming in. Globus Staffing gave me so much more immediate control and overview on available jobs, what was relevant for my candidates, and what was in the process of being fulfilled. To be able to offer jobs to candidates, you first need to know what jobs are available. By having Globus Staffing, my time spent on searching for relevant jobs has been drastically reduced from about an hour a day spent searching, to just ten minutes to get the same overview. When you consider that the working week is around 40 hours before I would have spent a fifth of that (8 hours) searching my e-mail-inbox for job requests.

I use Globus Staffing to quickly display all requests so when a doctor calls me, I can instantly tell them what opportunities I have available, that might interest them. I filter job requests on many different criteria, like specialist-competencies, and that makes it much more efficient and easier to search compared to an email inbox. I don’t have to create manual lists of each region where there are open jobs to fill, instead, Globus Staffing filters this automatically for me. It’s a huge help and saves me a lot of time and work.  

Andreas: How simple was it to begin using Globus Staffing in your day-to-day? Did you have any challenges?

Lucas: I think my background and interests have helped me a bit, but I found it to be very intuitive immediately. I didn’t have much trouble understanding the different functionalities and use cases for Globus Staffing. Actually, I recently introduced two colleagues to Globus Staffing and they also said the same, that the platform is very intuitive to use.  

Andreas: Like in all organizations, some people use software more than others. What would you think is the biggest difference for those who use Globus Staffing more frequently?

Lucas: those who have worked for a long time at Sverek have a way of using their email today that is very effective to them, they have spent years optimizing this flow and it works well for them, which I completely understand.  

But a big difference I’ve seen between Globus users and email users is that the managers using Globus Staffing are able to quickly find relevant jobs when doctors call us to learn more about what opportunities we have available. As we’re speaking with them and they’re telling us their needs (like working availability and skills) we can quickly filter through Globus Staffing to find jobs that are super relevant for them. It makes us more effective gives a strong signal to our candidates that we are in control of all available jobs that might be suitable for them, making us very confident in the communication with them.  That pays off long-term, building a stronger relationship with my candidates.  

Andreas: Now that you have already helped a lot of doctors into new jobs, how many of your bookings do you think you would have managed to do without having Globus Staffing to help?

Lucas: Without Globus Staffing, I think I would’ve placed 60-70% of what I’ve managed using the platform. But it would have been a lot more work and I wouldn’t have been nearly as responsive when a doctor phoned me suddenly. I really enjoy being able to give them that extra service, when they phone and tell me specific weeks or days that they’re available, that I can instantly filter available jobs and offer them the right periods and the right times. And similar, for customers, areas, and specialisms that they prefer to work with.