"On Sunday, the staffing schedules were virtually ready, completely automatically!"

Jan 14, 2021

One of the Nordic region's leading recruitment and staffing company has chosen Globus AI as its new technology partner. The Globus Staffing solution is launched already this week after a fun and efficient onboarding process.

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"We are incredibly pleased to kickstart the new year with this collaboration and with Globus AI on the team. We look forward to continuing our digitalisation journey and offer world-class staffing services starting today. The collaboration will take us to a whole new level, where we now can help even more people to get temporary jobs even faster by simplifying and automating the candidate matching processes. The technology also ensures fairness and quality in the processes by letting artificial intelligence quickly find those who match the assignments best based on previous experience, preferences and competence, says Anders Haugeli Halvorsen, Chief Digital Officer at Otiga Group.

AI gives more time for valuable human interactions

"To care about people, show empathy, pay attention to individuals, and to inspire and challenge them have always been fundamental values in our organisation, says Christel Langebrekke, CEO of Personalhuset. This makes Globus AI a perfect match where artificial intelligence, not only will streamline our staffing processes, but also release more time for nurturing relationships, supporting each other, taking better care of employees and following up personnel, to mention a few benefits, Langebrekke continues.

The staffing consultants at Personalhuset have been testing the solution for a few days now and the feedback so far is very positive:

"I just sent out a joint message about vacant shifts on Saturday and as early as Sunday the staffing schedules were virtually ready, completely automatically! This is going to save me a lot of time and manual work in the future and I am really excited about this development!" says René Hedera, HR Consultant at Personalhuset Staffing Group Norway.
René Hedera, HR Consultant at Personalhuset Staffing Group Norway.

Temporary employees for kindergartens, schools and after school programs

"Globus AI started with the vision of improving people's quality of life, and we saw an enormous potential in the health sector to improve patient care, especially in the staffing and recruitment industry. The idea was to get the right person in the right position at the right time to help patients. We wanted to make an impact in this area, says Tor Hellebostad, COO and co-founder of Globus AI.

Enthusiastically, he says that Globus' solution easily can be utilized by other industries and sectors. The education & day-care sector is the first industry out with Personalhuset.  

The goal is that the interaction between machine learning and human experience will give the right candidates their favourite assignments in the workplace that best suit them based on their preferences, experience, and competence.

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