Norwegian intelligence provides Swedish Corona assistance

Sep 2, 2020

Norwegian technology assists in solving staffing crisis at several hospitals. Artificial intelligence from Norway is now also used in the distressed Swedish health care.

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Swedish healthcare is experiencing a crucial abrasion on their employees, and several has been quarantined. It has been quite demanding finding the right staff for the right place at the right time. The Norwegian tech company Globus AI have, together with the Norwegian Health Department and the city of Oslo, further developed a staffing solution for the health sector that makes sure that personnel are rapidly sent to important assignments and ensures an effective correlation between health personnel and shifts who needs to be filled.  

The largest recruitment company in Sweden are already using this solution, and they are handling an average of 5,000 shifts every week.

Dedicare are using Globus AI for the whole recruitment process. This means interpreting all incoming requests and presenting requests to the recruitment consultants in an educational and orderly manner. Employees acquire shifts from the system, which they electronically confirm. Accepted shifts are sent electronically to the customer, who in turn accepts the shifts a temp can work. We then relate the request with an order, which is transferred via API to our CRM solution. To conclude that this saves lives is a bit far-fetched, but this system has helped us secure hospital needs faster, for sure! Says Mattis Kjellin at Dedicare.

Globus are using artificial intelligence to simplify the workday for those working with the planning and staffing of healthcare personnel, through what they call «Scandinavian AI». The technology ensures an effective placing of the right candidate on the right place, for example when sporadic shifts are to be filled rapidly and qualitatively.

The solution is developed for everyone who is responsible for recruiting, whether they work in a recruitment company, a county or in a hospital, to simplify and improve the conditions for employees to reach their full potential, says Helge Bjorland, CEO and founder of Globus AI.  

During the Covid-19-epidemic, the Norwegian technology company developed its staffing product for the health sector even further. It helps getting the right personnel to the important tasks as fast as possible. The artificial intelligence (AI) of the technology provides an effective link between health professionals and shifts to be covered.

Together with Sola county, amongst others, Globus have adapted their product for the healthcare sector. The solution communicates with their existing programs, like Gat and Resource Management, and therefore creates immediate value for the users.

The solution reduces time and complexity in connecting vacant shifts with the right staff in a new and innovative way. The result is that hospitals, nursing homes, home care and geriatric care saves time as well as secures patience needs and requirement for competence, says Bjorland. 

The solution simplifies the task and shortens the time it takes the health institutions to connect the right person with the right qualifications and skills with where the need emerges. At all times, with no delay. It only takes a couple of days to implement the solution in its simplest form, and only one hour of training for the users

Sweden is among the countries hit hard by COVID-19. Through the staffing company Dedicare, Globus AI is working to implement Norwegian technology to parts of the Swedish healthcare system.

During COVID-19 we notice that this solution gives immediate effect and value. It provides the best conditions for the ones responsible for staffing, to fill vacancies. And makes sure that the employees join where they are needed the most, says Jan Kristiansen, CCO and founder of Globus AI. 

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