Navigating the Future of Work: Introducing Talent Horizon, Our New Podcast for the Staffing Sector

Sep 11, 2023

Explore the future of work with's new podcast, Talent Horizon. Join experts Helge Bjorland and Lee Cooper as they delve into the latest AI trends transforming the staffing industry. Stay competitive with insights from our AI revolution trailblazers.

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At, we are perpetually in the pursuit of knowledge and striving to lead the revolution in the staffing industry. Armed with this passion, we are thrilled to present our latest initiative: Talent Horizon.

Our new podcast series is an essential platform for those involved with the staffing and recruitment sector, providing insights, thought leadership, and comprehensive discussions about the future of staffing - particularly how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the landscape.

Talent Horizon, hosted by Helge Bjorland and Lee Cooper, aims to keep you updated on the latest AI news, trends, and breakthroughs. With their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, our hosts will explore cutting-edge AI developments and how they are transforming the world of staffing and recruitment.

In today's rapidly evolving world, understanding AI and its application in our industry is a must. Talent Horizon is your passport to this world of AI-driven change, helping you stay at the forefront and maintain your agency's competitive edge. is committed to harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize order management and talent engagement in the staffing industry. We believe AI has the potential to significantly boost efficiency, improve outcomes, and elevate the staffing practices of tomorrow.

We cordially invite you to join us on this exciting voyage into the future of work-today. Together, we can explore, learn, adapt, and prepare for what's waiting beyond the horizon.

Listen here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new journey with Your feedback, opinions, and predictions regarding AI technologies and their influence on future staffing methods are always welcome. Let's traverse this talent horizon together.

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