Introducing ChatGPT to the Staffing Industry

Mar 9, 2023

Are you struggling to connect with all your candidates at scale? Unleash the power of AI Staffing and activate existing candidates while uncovering hidden talent with ChatGPT in Globus.

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The staffing industry is all about people - connecting the right talent with the right jobs. But with so many recruiters vying for the same candidates, it can be a challenge to stand out and engage top talent. That's where Globus comes in - a revolutionary platform for recruiters that harnesses the power of AI to create targeted, personalized campaigns that connect with candidates on a deeper level.

By adding ChatGPT to the Globus platform, recruiters can say goodbye to the tedious process of manually creating email and SMS campaigns. Instead, they can simply input basic information about a job opportunity, and Globus will do the rest, automatically generating a compelling campaign with the right message and tone of voice. What's more, we can even suggest the best timing to send the campaign, ensuring that it reaches candidates at the most opportune moment.

But that's just the beginning. Adding ChatGPT to the Globus platform takes personalization to the next level, creating campaigns that are tailored to each individual role, including location and qualifications. With automatic copy and imagery, recruiters can be sure that they are engaging candidates with the most relevant information, increasing their chances of success. And with the Globus "magic link" included in each message, candidates can easily access their portal to browse other job opportunities, increasing their engagement with the staffing agency.

The best part? The Globus platform is fully customizable, giving recruiters full oversight and control over every campaign. They can review and approve each message before it's sent, ensuring that it aligns with their company's branding and values. And with real-time analytics, recruiters can track the success of their campaigns, adjusting their approach as needed to ensure the best possible outcomes.

So what does this all mean for the staffing industry? By leveraging the power of AI, recruiters can connect with more candidates in less time, and with greater accuracy. With targeted and timely campaigns, recruiters can increase the number of active candidates and successful placements, ultimately boosting their bottom line.

The future of the staffing industry is here. Join the revolution and experience the power of AI Staffing with Globus today.

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