"I understood the system quickly. Globus Staffing leaves little room for making errors"

Mar 18, 2021

On the first of March this year, we welcomed Acapedia - our most recently-onboarded customer - to the Globus family.

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“We started out with a very successful 2-hour technical scoping session together with the project group at Acapedia in the middle of January. This session is vital for us to understand how our customers work and how we can configure Globus staffing in the best way possible.”

Pål Torgersen, Customer Success Manager Globus AI.

The implementation plan and timeline of the project was agreed upon, and our technical onboarding specialists configured the Globus Staffing environment and integrations. Pål Torgersen continues:

“We had a great virtual training session together with Acapedia and provided them with our training material to practice using the application. Quickly after that, Acapedia was comfortable processing real requests using Globus Staffing.”
Ida Ødegård, staffing consultant/kindergarten teacher Acapedia.

Ida Ødegård, staffing consultant/kindergarten teacher and a freshly-inaugurated Globus AI user, describes her experience:  

“The implementation was planned really well, and we had frequent follow-up meetings with Globus. This helps a lot with the adoption of a new system. I feel that we have very good communication with the onboarding team at Globus. They appreciate our input and adapt the system to our needs and wishes. The training session was efficient, and I understood the system quickly. Globus Staffing leaves little room for making errors.”

In the pipeline for the upcoming weeks and months is the onboarding of the rest of the Acapedia team as well as the delivery of a customer portal in late spring. With the customer portal the goal is to reduce the number of job requests via phone/email and give our customers the ability to be open for requests 24/7, 365 days per year. This should make it easy and convenient for the customer to request personnell with our intuitive and mobile friendly design. Orders will come directly from the online portal into Globus Staffing for Acapedia to quickly respond to.

"We have seen an immediate reduction in time spent on communication. With Globus Staffing we will be more efficient and have more time for other tasks. The onboarding team from Globus have done a good job understanding and adapting to our needs."

Christine Eliassen, Director Acapedia.

Acapedia AS is a well-established recruitment and staffing agency that delivers qualified staff to kindergartens and schools. With offices in Oslo and Stockholm, they are part of Dedicare, which is one of the Nordic region's leading providers of recruitment and staffing services since 1996.

“We are proud to have Acapedia on board and look forward to the cooperation going forward. The Globus onboarding team has again proven that they can deliver according to the timeline and scope. Great effort by everyone involved!”

Pål Torgersen, Customer Success Manager Globus AI.

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