Q&A with Tor-Håkon Hellebostad, COO and Co-Founder of Globus AI. Part Two

Jul 23, 2020

In this interview series we asked the founders of Globus AI some tough questions. And here is what they had to say.

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What is your vision of the company?

The main motivation behind starting Globus AI was to have an impact on at least one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We wanted to improve quality of life, and to help people both explore and fulfill their full potential, and to support both individuals and companies in doing so. We have focused on the healthcare sector, and SDG number 3 in particular, to help “ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”.  

What do you value the most about the Globus team?

The energy and joyfulness. The team respects each other, they work hard, but also have fun. The team members are all experts in their areas but remain humble, with a can-do positive attitude to all their tasks. We always help each other out and support each other. I really appreciate that! My friend and colleague, Param called us a “Happy Team” the other day. And I couldn't agree more!

What is Globus’ promise to its customers and its people?

Working with Globus should be fun and joyful experience. We have high ambitions but will always deliver on our promises. So when we say something will be done, our customers and partners can always expect it to happen on time (or before). We champion design, simplicity and user-friendly solutions, and we respond quickly to user feedback.  

What is Scandinavian AI to you?

It is ‘warm technology’, it’s technology with a heart. When we build smart solutions, we take into account its integrity and that it adds value to society - that it lifts people up by helping them find the best roles for their ambitions, skills, and experience.  

What is your view on the current crisis and what do you think has irreversibly changed in the healthcare sector?

Overall, I hope we have learnt to better appreciate the contribution and importance of the professions that have been working as normal through the crisis. They have kept critical functions and infrastructure in society functional, with few complaints and in times of uncertainty and high risk. I also hope, moving forward, that healthcare workers continue to get the respect that they deserve – both continued applause, but also that they are compensated for their hard work and that working conditions are improved.  

From a preparedness perspective, countries and regions must step up their short and long-term efforts to build and rebuild emergency and preparedness capacity, including equipment, processes, technology and structures to handle crisis situations as they occur.  

For Globus AI, this time has triggered innovation, and product development is happening at record pace. We’ve been developing new functionality for our customers in a short timeframe, to help with the crisis and make a tangible, positive impact on COVID-19 efforts.  

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