Q&A with Jan Kristiansen, CCO and Co-Founder of Globus AI. Part One

Jun 25, 2020

In this interview series we asked the founders of Globus AI some tough questions. And here is what they had to say.

Why did you choose “Globus AI” as the name of the company?

The name“Globus AI” came about after extensive brainstorming among the co-founders. We wanted to find a name that aligned with our vision to improve the quality of life for people across the world. ‘Globus’ really reflected that, so after we experimented with a few different options we decided on Globus AI to emphasize that we wanted to have a global impact with what we’re doing.

Where did the whole business idea come from?

The business idea came from a synergy project that involved re-using components from the oil and gas sector, to repurpose them into something good. Ultimately it was applied to finding a sustainable fresh water supply in a remote region in Africa. This gave us the motivation to continue on this journey, to have a positive impact on society using technology.

So we then explored different use cases, to find areas where we could have a good impact but also with a commercial purpose so we could fund the company and remain viable. We came up with the idea behind Globus and decided to give it a chance. Now here we are.

What does the business idea mean for you personally?

For me, it’s about doing more than just the typical business side. This extra layer of meaningfulness is really motivating, getting me through the obstacles and challenges we’ve faced along the way. It also makes so much more sense for me to work on something that is greater than being purely commercial, it’s about doing something that improves people’s quality of life.

What were the goals for the first year? Were they achieved?

I’d say we’ve gone over and beyond what I expected in the first year. I thought it would take a much longer time to achieve the growth that we’ve achieved, both in terms of growing the team (we have a really great, skilled and motivated team) and also in terms of sales, customer growth, and customer satisfaction.

What has changed in the company since the beginning?

Since the start, I’d say that we’ve professionalized the organization. There are clear business functions like tech and product development, the commercial team, and our operations team that deals with onboarding. The Globus AI team has grown significantly, from us 4 founders to over 40 people. Globus AI is also becoming more global, it’s gone from a purely local Norwegian organization to Europe-wide.  

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