Q&A with Helge Bjorland, CEO and Co-Founder of Globus AI. Part Two

Jun 18, 2020

In this interview series we asked the founders of Globus AI some tough questions. And here is what they had to say.

What is your vision of the company?

Our vision is to grow Globus AI globally and to become a market leader in this new area of AI-driven staffing and employment.

For me personally, it’s about empowering the people that work with us, for the one part, and doing all manual staffing automatically. We work with the steps where you don’t need human interactions, so people do what they are best at– talking to consultants, giving personal follow-ups, engaging with customers. For consultants, there would be more personalised opportunities, assignments.

What do you value the most about the Globus team?

I really value the ability that the team has to really step-up when it’s needed, to help each other and deliver on expectations. When we promise something, we deliver with high quality and we do it together - usually with a smile!

What is Globus’s promise to its customers and its people?

For our customers, it is that they will always get an innovative and excellent product, designed in collaboration with their teams and their needs. The way we work with customers is important. We deliver as promised, we follow them up closely and we work hand-in-glove with their teams.

We help our customers, consultants, and users to achieve their full potential. That is what we want for everyone who works at and with Globus AI – to develop and reach their full potential in whatever area they want to focus on.

What is Scandinavian AI to you?

Scandinavian AI is AI that’s developed with a mindset coming from Scandinavia. It’s a mix of both technology and execution - the approach you take when implementing the technology. One could compare it to “cold AI” that just gives you recommendations. Scandinavian AI is warmer and more holistic.

What is your view on the current crisis and what do you think has irreversibly changed in the healthcare sector?

Current events could never have been predicted by anyone.It’s strange times indeed. We also need to take into consideration the possibility of other viruses spreading. From the staffing point of view, the question is how do you tackle a crisis like this. What do you do when you loose 40% of your workforce, either with the virus or under self-isolation? Although this is more prominent in healthcare, it’s the same across all industries. Everyone is figuring out how to move forward and what role talent plays in this.

And that plays directly into Globus AI’s USP - it’s a system that can handle these kinds of situations and make sure that you mobilize people into the right places and role efficiently.

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