Meet Lene Terese Berg, our Globus Heroes Award winner for February

Mar 7, 2022

Meet our Hero of the Month: Lene uses Globus AI to support healthcare customers to fill critical roles and to help people find flexible work that suits them. In just a few months after launch, she has already placed over 2,000 shifts through Globus Staffing.

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Lene Terese Berg, Team leader, Healthcare  at Reflekt, has been awarded our Globus Hero award for February thanks to her dedication to improving the Globus staffing platform through brilliant feedback, ideas, and testing. Alongside this, she has been instrumental in onboarding and helping colleagues make the most of the Globus AI platform. Pål Torgersen, Director of Customer Success at Globus AI, speaks to her about what makes her a Globus Hero.  

Pål: First, I would like to offer very-deserved congratulations on the Hero award Lene. I have had the pleasure of working together with you and several of your colleagues for quite some time. Indeed, the very first meeting I took part in after joining Globus AI was with Smart Bemanning, now Reflekt. It’s brilliant to see how far Reflekt and Globus Staffing have come since then.  

So, can you tell us a little more about your background and work at Reflekt?

Lene: I originally came from a healthcare background, but in 2014 I decided to step away from a clinical setting for personal health reasons and I found myself with an opportunity to work within staffing thanks to the NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). I discovered that I really enjoyed working in the staffing sector, and in 2017 I joined Reflekt, originally starting as a staffing consultant and then advancing to department manager for healthcare staffing.

Pål: That’s amazing to hear. How are you using your past experiences in healthcare now in your current role?

Lene: I put my heart into every request that we get from our customers because I’ve experienced first-hand how tricky it can be to provide great care to those at home or in a nursing home. I know the toll that being understaffed can take on healthcare workers. Healthcare is a tough sector to work in, so the more we can adapt to the individual needs and preferences of our candidates, the better. Especially because so many people need the flexibility to choose when and where they work to meet other commitments or work around their health. Our goal at Reflekt is to help as many people as possible find work that empowers them; to supplement part-time work, work flexibly, or move into full-time roles in the future.  

Pål: You have been working within staffing since 2014. Have you experienced any changes within healthcare in the last eight years?  

Lene: The demand for healthcare professionals is rapidly increasing and it’s getting harder to hire nurses and other healthcare workers. There simply aren’t enough of them available in Norway. Our customers turn to Reflekt because they’re struggling to hire people in full-time positions. With Reflekt, they get access to an engaged pool of healthcare talent, people who are available part-time or full-time, who are attracted to work with us because of the flexibility and autonomy we offer.  

Pål: What would you say motivates you in your job?

Lene: I really love the interactions with my candidates and the impact I’m having on their lives. It makes my work day great. I see Reflekt as serving a vital role in society by helping fill critical healthcare roles, improve care, and supporting people to find work, who may otherwise struggle to work full-time and via traditional hiring methods.  

Pål: Interesting, now let’s move on to the impact that working with Globus AI has had on your role. After just a few months post-implementation, you have already placed and registered over 2,000 shifts using Globus Staffing. How has your experience been so far?

Lene: I am constantly checking Globus Staffing, on my computer and on my phone. It’s really become my primary tool to do my job. I don’t need to pay that much attention to emails any more as an overview of my tasks can be found in the Globus platform. Before, we needed to monitor for messages from our candidates constantly and then send those responses over to our customers. Now I can quickly see who can work and send them straight out to the customer for approval. It’s also a lot easier to pick up a colleague’s work as their tasks and progress are all there in Globus.  

Pål: Reflekt, and especially you Lene, have given Globus AI a lot of important feedback about our platform and the Webtemp integration. How do you feel that this collaboration and feedback process has gone?

Lene: Since Globus had to build a brand-new integration with Webtemp, the process did take some time, but I feel that we needed that time to make sure we have covered all of Reflekt’s needs. Globus has delivered on all sides, the integration is working even better than expected. Moreover, after collaborating with Globus AI so closely on this, we feel that we can trust you to take our feedback and resolve our questions quickly.  

Pål: What would you say are the top three benefits of using Globus?

Lene: I would say the full overview that it provides the Reflekt team, our candidates, and customers. It makes everything a lot more visible and our candidates are more engaged in our work opportunities. We have a full overview of what requests we manage to fill and what requests we are not able to fill. This also gives us important information on what to focus on during recruitment.

The second benefit is through the insights that the Globus platform provides on our performance, so we can constantly improve our service to our candidates and customers. It was previously labor-intensive to do this.  

I also trust the Globus platform and team. Because everyone follows best practice processes, I feel that the risks of making a mistake are a lot lower.  

Pål: How would your work be if you suddenly didn’t have access to Globus Staffing anymore? 

Lene: Globus Staffing is so integral to my role now that going back to the way we used to work would be so painful. The more we use the system, and with the constant improvements being made to Globus Staffing, the more time and efficiency savings we’re making.  

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