Globus stories: From a data analyst to a project manager

Sep 17, 2020

We really enjoy talking to our colleagues to get to know them better. We are so much more than the work we do. So with that in mind, let’s ask our project manager Tatiana a few questions.

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Please tell us about yourself. What did you do before Globus AI?

I have more than eight years’ experience in IT. I started working as a data analyst while studying at university and I really enjoyed making graphs and doing research. Then, I worked at Seldon and prepared business logic and structure of data reports that was integrated with the company’s product. This meant that later I was asked to outline the requirements for developers and that placed me on the road to a new profession as a business analyst. Nothing here was similar to my past role except for the word ‘analyst’.  

I was then appointed as head of the department for requirement and specification preparation, managing a team of five. After preparing the requirements, I worked with developers to clarify them and ensure the implementation was feasible. So I ended up as a project manager, responsible for all aspects of the project.  

When I felt like a change, I left my first employer and joined a company that developed music apps for iOS. Here, the company was super focused on the best practices of Agile, the lean startup, hypothesis testing based on MVP, monetization funnels, and so forth.  

I then went to join a friend’s company to lead the research and machine learning (ML) department. We worked on some amazing, cutting-edge stuff in computer vision, recommendation engines, natural language processing - one project I loved was called Bubble Face. We transformed images of people into a comic style similar to a prominent Russian artist and then we launched it as an open-source project. I saw the results of this across social media like Instagram. And that then led me to Globus AI and the pioneering work we’re doing to change healthcare resourcing and improve patient care.  

What do you enjoy doing?

I do many things. Firstly, I have a second profession as a psychologist, and I work as a consultant as a hobby. I also love plants and I have over 55 house plants. And when I’m not doing that, I’m usually traveling, camping, spending time in nature.  

Tell me about your ideal vacation in the past or in the future.

I’m really varied - I enjoy staying in 5-star hotels near the seaside and camping in the mountains with no electricity and Internet. So I’d like to go camping somewhere in Russia like the Caucasian mountains or Altai - that is an amazingly beautiful place.

The last time I went away it was for a 4-day retreat where we handed over our mobile phones and enjoyed simple things like walking, resting, eating, and connecting with nature. Nothing disturbed me.

What is it that you find so fulfilling about Globus AI vision?

Basically, everything. I support the mission and products that we do. They help people to live better. I support the attitude to clients and employees and the working atmosphere of support and respect. I really missed that at other working places and it helps us in reaching our full potential. It’s come from the top-down and I really appreciate that it’s at the core of everything we do.  

What tools do you use to make work easier? How do you structure your working day?

I use Microsoft Teams and JIRA to structure my work - I begin the day with an overview of my team’s task board because they can change overnight. Then I get to work on the tasks!

What's the difference between Globus and the Russian companies you worked at?

Globus combines structure with flexibility, with an openness to new challenges and practices. It’s really refreshing. Plus the entire team is so driven, motivated, and focused on common goals. This isn’t something you usually see with Russian companies.

What is your advice for newcomers?

I’d advise you to concentrate first on business processes and to learn the product. Spend several days studying your business’ background, its testing environment, and user contexts. Everything stems from understanding the product

And one more thing - don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. Especially at Globus, everyone is open to helping and supporting here.  

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