Globus Stories
December 17, 2020

Globus stories: An interview with Natalya, Quality Assurance Engineer

Globus AI is powered by its people. In this series, we’re speaking with some of our teammates to understand more about their lives, their vision while working for Globus AI, and their working days. Here, we speak with Natalya, our Quality Assurance Engineer.

Tell us about yourself. What did you do before Globus AI?

Before working at Globus AI as a QA specialist, I was studying to become a lawyer and I also completed some accounting courses. Of course, these areas aren’t related to technology! Two years ago, after working in a few office-based jobs and also in my family business, I decided it was time for a new experience in the tech industry and I was attracted to testing. I studied QA testing and the rest is history. I’m now a part of a wonderful, driven team and I’m also taking my first steps in analytics.

What are your hobbies (or a book, or a movie, etc.)?

I really enjoy reading real books. There’s something magical about holding a book in your hands and turning its pages. Now, many people like to listen to audiobooks or read them on tablet devices - but for me, I have to have a book in my hands to really enjoy it.

Unfortunately, nowadays I don’t get enough time to read. Some of my favorite books are "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell and "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. One of the most dubious books I've read is Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" - I still can't figure out whether I liked it or not.

Other than reading, I really love baking cakes. My best creation (in my humble opinion!) is probably my cheesecake. I’m happy to share the recipe too - just message me!

In what way working at Globus differs from your previous working experience?

Working at Globus AI offered me my first experience of remote work. I’ve found that this kind of work requires a lot of self-organization, motivation, and dedication. Working from home can offer up many distractions (like the TV… or your family) and you have to be committed to finishing your tasks.

Do you have a daily routine to keep up with tasks?

Yes, I like to keep to a daily routine. Twice a week, in the morning, I have English classes, then I work, have a lunch break, and continue working in the afternoon. I like to keep to a schedule - like I’d do in an office. So for each day, I have a work plan and this helps me stay on track and work efficiently.

Could you share your productivity tips with us?

I’ve already mentioned the first, which is to make a plan for the day. I would also add to this - make notes in your daily organizer as, during the day, if you switch between tasks you may forget or lose some crucial information related to the previous task.

Another thing that I do is if I feel I’m losing focus, or I’m very tired of working on a specific task, I will switch to another task that will give me more energy, focus, and new ideas. Then, when I’m ready, I can return to the original activity.

What is your advice for those who just started working remotely?

I would recommend that you don’t see remote work as an easy option. It actually requires a lot of self-motivation, your complete focus, and much dedication. If you aren’t a self-starter, then this kind of work won’t suit you. If you get easily distracted or cannot self-organize then you’ll be better off working in an office environment because there are fewer distractions in these places and you can focus more on work.

What is your advice for newcomers?

I’d advise that newcomers to Globus AI focus on their communication with colleagues - don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they aren’t work-related. This will help you quickly build relationships with your remote colleagues and feel like part of the company.