Globus stories: An interview with Marina, PM at Globus AI

Oct 22, 2020

Globus AI is powered by its people. In this series, we’re speaking with some of our teammates to understand more about their lives, their vision while working for Globus AI, and their working days. Here, we speak with Marina, our project manager.

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Tell us about yourself. What did you do before Globus AI?  

Before joining Globus AI, I worked on a Workforce Management System project that I felt really passionate about. It helped retailers, specifically store managers, to find their optimal staffing plan through automated personnel planning. It was pure AI - from forecasting business drivers to optimal shift assignment using latest machine learning and optimization algorithms. I worked across various roles so was exposed to a lot of different teams and experiences. My role was almost a hybrid between a product manager and analyst, because of this I got to work closely with developers, liaise with the wider team, and communicate with customers. I’m happy to carry on working on AI projects here at Globus.

What are your hobbies (or a book, or a movie, etc.)?

I like working out in the gym and swimming, but of course, that’s changed since the lockdown. So, I tried to do indoor training (without as much success!). Since joining Globus AI, I’ve become really interested in improving my English and understand its nuances. I’ve started watching films and reading books in English. I just finished George Orwell’s ‘1984’, which I found breathtaking, and now I’m onto Agatha Christie’s books. I’m lucky to read two books at the same time as I also read to my six-year-old daughter every night.  

Tell me about your ideal vacation in the past or in the future.

I love to travel and try to take a couple of trips every year. I enjoy exploring Europe, so my ideal place would probably be a nice Italian beach combined with impressive excursions and delicious food. But thanks to the lockdown, I changed my mind about an ideal vacation this year. I spent my summer break in a countryside without internet and mobile coverage. The peaceful nature and nice weather completely recharged me.  

What is it that you find so fulfilling about Globus AI vision? or How do you relate to the Globus AI vision?

I really like the company’s attitude and approach to people - not just with clients but also its own employees. We’re flexible, people move on to different projects depending on the needs and this means that everyone is aware of different products currently underway. It also gives them opportunity for improvement, helps them gain new experience and expand their expertise.

What tools do you use to make work easier? Any advice on structuring a working day?

I keep a lot of stuff in my head because I must switch between tasks and projects many times a day. I use my Jira board to keep track of tasks and see what projects require my attention. I also like to use a paper notebook because ticking my tasks off the list is so satisfying!

What's the difference between Globus and the Russian companies you worked at?

I previously worked at Russian companies and I see a huge difference in the way Norwegian companies communicate with partners and colleagues. They do it with respect and a smile. Companies are not only solution-oriented but also human-centric, striving for a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.  

What is your advice for newcomers to the company?

My biggest shift was moving from an office environment (that I’d been in for years) to remote work. It took a few months to get fully used to, but now I truly believe this is the future of most companies. Fortunately, since I was already used to working with my colleagues remotely and communicating via video calls and email, I was well prepared for the global lockdown! So, for newcomers, I would recommend that you embrace Globus AI’s remote culture, even if it takes some time to acclimatize.  

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