Globus stories: An interview with Evgeny, Head of Product at

Oct 13, 2022

Globus AI is powered by great people. In this serie, we’re speaking with members of our awesome team - check out their stories below..

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Tell us about yourself.  

I live in France, married, have a very energetic and inquisitive 7-year-old daughter. I have an engineering background, but I was always interested in creating products that solve end user’s problems more than creating specific technical solutions. I started as a web developer in 2004, became an engineering manager in 2005 and started to do product relates tasks from necessity, never looked back since then.😊 One of the main qualities of a product manager is versatility and cross-disciplinary mindset, my whole professional journey was unintentionally about that — I worked in start-ups, bigger companies, and corporations, in B2C and B2B products, on roles starting from a developer to Chief Product Officer. It was a great journey, and it is a perfect time to return to dynamic and complex world of start-ups with the baggage of knowledge from different markets and roles.  

What did you do before  

Before Globus I was CPO in Avito, the leading e-commerce and classifieds ads site in Russia. My 5 years path with Avito started as Head of B2B Products and later I moved to the CPO position.  

And what is your role in Globus? What are your main deliverables?  

I am Head of Product in Globus, my focus is to ensure that we have a product vision, a strategy to achieve that vision and the right team and processes to achieve all of that. And of course, our main deliverable is the excellent product that we create for our customers. We revise our product vision every year, our strategy every quarter and our tactical goals every month. We try to be lean and agile, so we do not limit ourselves for the sake of processes and adapt on the go. Another important part of the role is clarity and synchronisation throughout the whole organisation. Product is being built, marketed, sold, and supported. We need to be sure that all the participants are well aligned and pull in the same direction, and our plans are clear to everyone. is a full-remote company, could you share some of the pros of this?

The best by-product of being fully remote is the possibility to hire world-wide. We can hire the best without geographical restrictions, and we can compete world-wide proposing an opportunity to have a decent job and living place of choice at the same time, without sacrificing one or another. I also value the possibility to save time on commute.

Do you have any tips on how to be productive?

I have a home office, so that I can clearly change working context. To be productive, I mainly try to define the most important things right now and focus on them. I also try to minimise hard dependencies in different process and thus reduce number of meetings and people involved in decision making.  

We are really curious about your hobbies, tell us more.

My work-life balance is not perfect, I accept that as part of handling an important part of the business.😊 But when I have time for hobbies, I play CRPGs, do boxing and cook.

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