Globus stories: An interview with Andreas, project manager at Globus AI

Mar 11, 2021

Globus AI is powered by its people. In this series, we’re speaking with members of our team to learn more about their lives, their vision while working for Globus AI, their work days and hobbies. Here, we speak with Andreas Kverneland, our project manager

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Tell us about yourself. What did you do before Globus AI?

Before Globus AI I worked for Experis IT as an IT Delivery manager. Prior to that I finished my masters in Innovation & Management, and had internships in Equinor and Nextseed. I've always been very interested in IT, and that's what led me to my current role as a project manager in Globus AI.

What are your hobbies (or a book, or a movie, etc.)?

I am a social person so I would normally be out a lot with friends. At the moment, I am playing a lot of golf and that’s what you’ll find me doing most weekends. I also enjoy traveling, although that isn’t possible at the moment. As soon as international travel becomes an option, I’m planning a trip to Japan. I also enjoy skiing so I’d like to go back to the Alps this year.  

What was the most exciting vacation you’ve ever had?

It would have to be exploring Australia and New Zealand. In some ways, New Zealand felt similar to Norway, but then its nature and environment were so different. Similarly in Australia, the landscape is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Even traveling just an hour in one direction would see so many different environments appear, all with different animals and plants. I did a lot of hiking in both countries because of this. Even though I spent three weeks in Australia, I didn’t get through everything so I’d like to return.  

What do you want to achieve over the next year?

I have a lot of personal goals over the next year. Firstly, growing in my role as a project manager. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Globus AI as the company is going through a period of fast-growth, so I’m learning a lot and really enjoying working at the intersection of customers and the tech team. I’m learning more about IT and programming every day. This year I’d also like to do some certifications in project management to help me be better in my role.  

How do you feel working in a distributed team?  

It’s really motivating and inspiring to work with people from so many different countries and backgrounds. They’ve all been hired for their expertise and passion, so it’s great to work with such interesting and talented people. Being global, it also means someone tends to be available to help 24/7.

The social side is important and slightly trickier in a distributed team. There isn’t the chance to have spontaneous coffee chats, everything is more planned. We do virtual social activities, like playing the same mobile games. Of course, we also cannot meet in-person as much right now due to Covid-19 and that’s something I’m looking forward to doing more of post-pandemic.  

Has your work changed due to Globus’ distributed nature?  

Working in a distributed team gives you more responsibility because you cannot simply turn to the person next to you in the office to ask for help. Sometimes you have to figure stuff out yourself and you’ve got more autonomy over your work and workday. At Globus AI, everyone has been so helpful and willing to teach me, which has been a great experience as I’ve grown in my project manager role. And again, the social side is less spontaneous and more scheduled - but we’ve got some innovative ways to keep connected and share social experiences together.  

Do you have any tips on how to be productive?

I’m currently working on projects across three different teams (marketing, sales, and tech) so my days get very busy. I tackle this by breaking tasks down as much as possible to help me with prioritizing my work. I structure each day to have two, 1.5 hours of‘ focus time’ where I complete my work with no interruptions and this really helps me get my tasks done. I also communicate regularly with people so they are aware when I am available and when I’m doing my focus time and therefore won’t reply immediately. Another tip I’d share is to use a project management tool like Monday to help you collaborate with colleagues.  

Do you have any advice for Globus newcomers?  

Reach out to people. This can be as short as a 15-30 minute coffee break with someone over Teams. At the start, I used the Globus AI Coffee Buddies tool a lot (this matches you with random people in the company to have coffee). It helped me get to know people I didn’t work with as often (or at all) and to learn more about their roles and how they work best. It also gave me a good overview of Globus AI and the different functions working in the company.  

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