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Mar 13, 2022

Temporary staffing agencies find themselves in interesting times, Covid-19 has led many people to re-assess their relationship with work and that has driven the Great Resignation.

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As Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” and the current climate in the staffing sector has both of those in droves. Temporary staffing agencies find themselves in interesting times, Covid-19 has led many people to re-assess their relationship with work and that has driven the Great Resignation.  

Simultaneously, work has become more pixelated — separated out into tasks and projects. Agencies that rise to the opportunities before them will thrive in the new normal, using technology to become more connected to workers and clients, and to place the right people in the best roles for them.  

2022 staffing challenges  

We often see staffing and recruitment agencies come up against the same challenges:

  1. Finding the right candidates: Uncovering the perfect candidate for a role is a tough task, especially if you have inactive (quality) candidates hidden in your talent pool.
  1. Time-consuming staffing cycles: Employers want to fill vacant positions as fast as possible before the vacancy slows down business functions. Staffing agencies need to balance the urgency of filling a position with finding the best candidates for it — as well as accounting for any compliance needs in certain industries like healthcare.
  1. Building a solid brand: A good reputation as a staffing agency will help you become an employer of choice for candidates and also attract customers. Find something that differentiates your agency in the market.
  1. Strengthening relationships: A strong relationship with candidates means they’re more likely to be available for a role when you have one to fill urgently. Strong customer relationships obviously help your agency grow. It’s important to know that every process and touchpoint leaves an impression on your customers and candidates — the better these are, the better your long-term relationship.  
  1. Creating a scalable, systematic hiring process: For an agency to grow, its processes need to scale easily with it while continuing to offer a personal experience for candidates and clients.

As an answer to this, staffing firms are increasingly looking at technology to streamline processes, improve relationships, and uncover the right talent. Indeed, 50% of staffing professionals expect to see a boost in technology investments in the sector.  

How Globus AI solves these challenges

With its sophisticated AI-based matching algorithms, Globus AI can solve many of the aforementioned challenges for temporary recruiting agencies.  

  1. Tracking shift and job requirements from all platforms: Collecting from VMS Portals like Healthroster, the NHS Staffing Pool (NHSP), and emails/ spreadsheets from clients. These are automatically collated and stored on the Globus Staffing system ready to book with best matched candidates ready for review.  
  1. AI-powered matching: The Globus Staffing system automatically identifies relevant candidates for available roles using complex matching criteria and machine learning. This widens the talent pool, and it can end up recommending candidates that a recruiter previously hadn’t considered including historic and out-of-work candidates.  
  1. Seamless availability checks: Through Globus, consultants can send out availability requests to candidates who then easily input their availability online. This means candidates are only contacted when a role is relevant to them and they are available for it. In turn, this improves the value of the communications from the recruiting agency, making it more likely that candidates will engage.  
  1. CRM integration: Consultants no longer have to waste time on tedious and longwinded admin. Instead, with Globus handling incoming requests and alerts, consultants have more time to focus on their client and candidate relationships, retention, and regeneration.  
  1. Learning from data: Through AI, Globus Staffing will eventually be able to find, match and place candidates within seconds. Ensuring that the recruiting agency always has the ‘fastest finger first’ — a significant competitive differentiator. You’ll also have visibility on how many shifts were ‘left on the table’. Letting you knwo what the scope to grow is for that role/ sector/ refion.

As you can see, there are many benefits to partnering with Globus AI for your temporary recruiting needs. Speak to the team now to learn how you can get started.


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