For staffing agencies transforming the industry.

Making recruiters 10x more efficient.

Let's automate a part of your business.

Reimagine talent management with AI - increase job orders and place more candidates.

Power-Up your ATS system

Company Size
Time to decide

Capture, sorting, and integration of every shift scattered across inboxes and portals. See all your available candidates in one dashboard, incoming shifts, and performance insights - to make better informed decisions from. 

Works smoothly and seamlessly with your existing tech stack.
A user-friendly, recruiting platform in a single screen.

An internal talent network

Level of responsibility
Company Size

Dynamic candidate profiling that acts like memory foam. Translate every requirement and remember candidate preferences, availability, and behaviour to proactively advance the best match. 

Simplify the working day of your employees, and cover more shifts.

Increased personal touch

Database Size
Time for each employee

Reduce the low-value repetitive tasks in the early stages of search, sorting, qualifying, and matching, to focus on the personal touchpoints of recruitment. 

Freedom from repetitive tasks gives recruiters a greater opportunity to make a difference with candidates.

Experience the
Globus Difference!

See how the Globus Platform automates
time-consuming tasks,
collects data in all stages of the staffing process
and helps you to make better decisions over time.

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