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We believe the right technology can empower recruiters to achieve their full potential.

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Fill more shifts, faster

Save precious time and resources with the Globus Platform. With the AI taking on manual tasks, your team will be free to focus on value-added activities like relationship-building and speaking with clients.

Our sophisticated AI-based matching algorithms ensure that the candidates you place are compliant and the very best fit possible.  Our unique data sets take into account a variety of factors, including candidate preferences, skills, locations, competencies, compliance and many more. We help you utilise more of your talent pool.

First, we Capture

Globus Staffing will automatically process
all incoming job requests. Converting
each order, no matter the format,
into a unified style that can be further
analysed and stored.

Then, we Connect

Quickly match available staff to roles, based on their competencies and experience. With the accuracy of recommendations growing with time, Globus Staffing continuously learns from feedback data.

Finally, we Confirm

Finally, the placing of candidates in matching roles, is done within seconds. With machine learning and user input, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

One dashboard for your recruiters

A complete overview of open job requirements, shifts, and job requests, regardless of the source and format - vacancies and job requests from email, phone, VMS portals, or Globus’ own client portal are collected and structured in one unified interface.

By integrating with VMS portals, as well as using our Parsers on your email inboxes, we ensure that you never miss another shift request from your customers.

Our Case Studies

We have seen an immediate reduction in time spent on communication. With Globus Staffing we will be more efficient and have more time for other tasks. The onboarding team from Globus have done a good job understanding and adapting to our needs.
With us, every single child is seen, heard, and recognised. We help and support children to become the best version of themselves, by meeting adapted, positive challenges as they grow.
Dedicare is one of the largest Nordic staffing companies specialising in healthcare and social work with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Dedicare reported a 33.5% revenue increase in Q4 of 2020 compared with the same period last year.
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