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Time to decide is cloud-based, human centric software that enables staffing agencies and recruiters to place more candidates – faster. Much faster. From requests to search, matching and booking – the whole process can take seconds. With a complete overview of all incoming orders - your market potential - and your hit rate, summarized neatly in's Insights.

Improve your company - simplify the working day of your
employees, and cover up to 40% more shifts.

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Company Size is working around the clock, capturing all job requests from emails and portals, and integrates easily with your candidate databases. Benefit from's dynamic candidate profiles. It reads all requirements from any source, remembers individual preferences and matches the best candidates – increasing order fulfillment rate with more than 40%.

Works smoothly and seamlessly with your existing tech stack. Select a user-friendly, recruiting software – one screen, all in one system.

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Anyone – anywhere – deserves the chance to find new opportunities in their lives. To follow a passion. That's why we build human centric software, built around understanding people. That's how we empower recruiters to connect more and more people with challenging tasks and new opportunities. Reduce repetitive tasks by 50% - it's time to get personal.

Free up time from repetitive tasks — give recruiters a greater opportunity to make a difference to candidates. And reduce planning time by 50%.

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