We are helping hospitals and health organisations in the time of COVID-19

The vision behind Globus AI is to help save human lives. It is therefore natural that during the coronavirus pandemic we help hospitals and healthcare organisations to stay afloat. Together with the City of Oslo, we have adapted the product to handle emergency staffing during COVID-19.

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Globus AI simplifies and automates the staffing processes using artificial intelligence. As Scandinavians, we believe in the power of combining technology and people. With artificial intelligence, the job becomes much easier for staffing coordinators and health professionals as the vacant shifts get immediately assigned to the most suitable resources. 

Only three simple steps must be taken for hospitals and healthcare organisations to get started with the solution:

Globus AI uploads
personnel lists

User accounts
are activated

The application is ready for use after one hour of user-training

After completing these three steps the system is ready for use.  All further communication is done via email and SMS. The system also acts as a database where coordinators can search for suitable candidates themselves. For more information about the solution visit the product page or fill out the form below.

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