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Staffing Industry Technology 101

As the past months have shown, an organisation’s people are the key to its success. A host of staffing technology solutions have launched to help organisations make the most of their people at every stage of the recruitment and career development journey. From building an agile workforce to increasing talent pools, boosting diversity and inclusion, or using automation to improve efficiency.  

Discover the latest staffing trends that are set to impact your firm in 2022

This guide will give you an overview of the major trends impacting staffing in 2022, along with lessons from leading organisations that are getting ahead of the changes. After reading it, you’ll better understand what’s on the horizon for your workforce. It also offers practical advice on staying updated with the latest trends impacting your organisation, in 2022 and beyond.

25 Things Every Recruitment Agency Should Automate

There always seems to be too many things to achieve in a day. With automation, recruitment agencies can get more work done, quickly and seamlessly. There are many processes that can be automated by a recruiting firm, from sourcing and engaging with candidates, to interviewing and screening them. Especially as the technology becomes more advanced.

Getting Ahead with Automation in Staffing

Automation has come a long way since its early days in 1946 as an automatic process in automobile production. Now it impacts every facet of a business from operations to marketing, and staffing is no exception to this. In fact, staffing is one of the sectors set to most benefit from introducing automation. Why? Because automation in staffing can improve every part of the talent acquisition and management cycle.

5 reasons why your talent experience is vital to getting the best hires

Experiences have become a hot trend. People now prefer experiences over material belongings and will often share their experiences online through social media. This is fast expanding beyond our social lives to include work as well. With the majority of our week taken up by our jobs, it should come as little surprise that improving the talent experience in your organisation will supercharge your recruitment, engagement, and retention.

How to Achieve Better DE&I in Staffing Using AI

Diversity, equity and inclusion, or DE&I, has become a boardroom priority, as more leaders realize its impact on employee loyalty, morale, innovation, engagement, and productivity. For staffing agencies, DE&I must also remain at the forefront of decision-making, to ensure all workers are given a fair chance of placement and can work in roles that match their skills and goals.

Positive developments from the 2020 crisis: Extraordinary pandemic success stories

Although it undoubtedly has been a challenging year, some positives have come out of the 2020 crisis. As with all crises, we’ve been forced to grow into stronger, better versions and the healthcare sector is no exception. We cannot gloss over the COVID-19 pandemic nor the terrible toll it has had on lives and families, but we can take some hope for the future from the resilience and innovation shown by our healthcare workers.

Debunking 3 common myths surrounding AI and hiring healthcare talent

Recent years have seen healthcare staffing agencies’ work change significantly. On the one hand, focus has shifted from targeting active job seekers to passive ones due to the number of healthcare jobs rising every year and a shortage of skilled talent available to fill open positions. On the other, there’s the increasing workload of agencies, who now find themselves covering employee fluctuations, optimising shifts, managing payrolls and insurance, and providing additional benefits like continuous education, certifications and licensing.

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Understanding staffing technology pricing

When deciding on your staffing technology and ATS investment, inevitably there comes a point where pricing will come up. There are many considerations when looking at your proposed staffing technology or ATS prices. To help you make the best decision for your organisation, we’ve created this guide to staffing technology pricing.

Rota software 101: everything you wanted to know about employee scheduling solutions

This new HR solution has benefits far beyond your HR and talent department. Investing in employee scheduling software will drastically cut the time needed to assign and communicate shifts, improve the visibility of work across your teams, and help you optimise your workforce. All within one centralised system.

15 ways to automate your recruitment process

Recruitment has become more competitive. You now need to connect with many different candidates and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process, or longer if you’re building a talent pool for future job vacancies.

7 Easy steps to increase D&I at your workplace

"In order to become more inclusive, we have to start from the core of any business – its people. As HR managers, we have a great responsibility in taking charge of this change." In this article, our HR manager Tatiana shares some tips on how each of us can contribute to an effective D&I campaign.

How technology can help staffing and recruitment agencies engage and retain talent

The past few years have put diversity and inclusion (D&I) squarely on the agenda. The individual and business benefits of improving D&I are now well documented and have led to a number of initiatives, from unconscious bias training to blind hiring. There is now a greater collective awareness about the need to improve D&I and how this requires a system-wide overhaul.

5 ways new technologies have already changed healthcare staffing

Technology is achieving amazing things in healthcare, improving the lives of healthcare professionals and patients alike. In the future, there won’t be an area of healthcare that’s not impacted by technology, for the better of patient care. Here’s a snapshot of the many ways that technology is improving healthcare staffing.

We Need an Agile Workforce, Now More Than Ever

Agility has become critical in recent months, providing organisations with a way to survive and navigate the ongoing uncertainty. As we shift towards recovery, again it’ll come to the forefront as a way of mitigating the risks of the economic crisis and pivot services to meet new demands. Workforce agility, in particular, will be increasingly vital as organisations look to acquire much-needed skills to fulfil their strategies.

25 Things Every Recruitment Agency Should Automate

There always seems to be too many things to achieve in a day. With automation, recruitment agencies can get more work done, quickly and seamlessly. There are many processes that can be automated by a recruiting firm, from sourcing and engaging with candidates, to interviewing and screening them. Especially as the technology becomes more advanced.

Adopt future-proof technology

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Keep your talent fresh not refreshed

I have been working with temporary staffing agencies for about six months now (and in Rec Tech for 13 years!). I have to say, what an awesome part of the industry it is! Surely it must be one of the most competitive, and fastest moving sectors I’ve been a part of. In this sector, whoever has the quickest clicks gets the placement. Talk about pressure.

Introducing Ann Elin, our Globus Heroes Award winner

Ann Elin, Senior Advisor and recruiter at Personalhuset, has been awarded our Globus Heroes Award for November, reflecting her dedication and the way she cares about her candidates. In Q3 2021, she helped the highest number of people into jobs out of any Globus user, and so far this year, she has filled a whopping 12,600 shifts, placing on average of 65 candidates into jobs per day.

It is BIG to be small in Mellombølgen kindergarten!

Mellombølgen kindergarten is one of the most modern and up-to-date kindergartens in Norway. It is also one of the largest. It currently has capacity for 230 children and employs 56 people, of various age groups, genders, and with a diverse range of skills. The staff cohort consists of 50% kindergarten teachers, 15% child and youth workers, 30% kindergarten employees, and 5% who are in kindergarten teacher education.

"I understood the system quickly. Globus Staffing leaves little room for making errors"

On the first of March this year, we welcomed Acapedia - our most recently-onboarded customer - to the Globus family.

"On Sunday, the staffing schedules were virtually ready, completely automatically!"

One of the Nordic region's leading recruitment and staffing company has chosen Globus AI as its new technology partner. The Globus Staffing solution is launched already this week after a fun and efficient onboarding process.

Improving healthcare staffing and patient care with Dedicare

Dedicare is one of the largest Nordic staffing companies specialising in healthcare and social work. It operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Dedicare also works with private healthcare and social care organisations. Dedicare just reported a 33.5% revenue increase in Q4 of 2020 compared with the same period last year.

Southern California VC fund leads investment round in the Norwegian tech-company Globus AI

The American VC fund Miramar Digital Ventures makes its debut outside its own borders when they invest in Norwegian At the same time, the Sandnes company announces a move to the USA.

Introducing new Globus AI board member, Stuart McClure

Globus AI is delighted that former Cylance founder/CEO and serial entrepreneur Stuart McClure has joined its board. He will support the team in building Globus AI into a scalable, global software solution.