I just sent out a joint message about vacant shifts on Saturday and as early as Sunday the staffing schedules were virtually ready, completely automatically! This is going to save me a lot of time and manual work in the future and I am really excited about this development!

René Hedera, HR Consultant at Personalhuset Norway

> 30%

more assignments and shifts filled


faster placement of temporary staff


more people placed into jobs per month

"The Virtual Staffing Assistant from Globus AI has disrupted our way of working and allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. We have more time for our candidates and we can respond to our customers with higher quality in a more cost-efficient way"

Mattis  Kjellin , CIO

Say goodbye to inefficient processes

Start achieving the same results in a fraction of the time. Drive business results today through better skills matching and utilization.

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Fight your resistance to change

Start making better decisions based on real data and the latest cutting-edge AI technology.

Empower your talent

Ensure that every individual feels fulfilled in their role by taking into account the human aspect in the skills-role matching processes.

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Why Globus Staffing

Cover more shifts. Faster. With higher quality.

Save time

Dynamic information quality

A self-learning system removes the need for manual update of candidate profiles

Avoid repetitive work

AI matching

Automatic suggestions of personnel based on job requirements

Track and fill all orders

Automatic order

Connect your email inbox and VMS portals for a full overview of all orders

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