Product specification document
Road to Globus go-live

"14" October 2022

This Product Specification outlines high level description of what Globus offers.

The MSA accepted by the Customer refers to this Product Specification, and constitute legally binding commitment from the date the MSA is signed, unless the parties thereto have agreed to the opposite in writing.

Globus Customer Success-team will facilitate the set up -project implementation with specific systems and Customer-specific features if those have been agreed to and communicated during the kick off. Globus will also provide training and support to users during the implementation period, as agreed in the MSA.

All potential changes to the product scope will be communicated here.  

Application Scope

· A cloud-based web application built on scalable infrastructure.

· Customisable tenant environment that allows users to work from wherever – Access Globus staffing on mobile and desktop browsers.

· Globus staffing can be configured with a read-integration with your CRM.

· Email parsing

· Globus can fetch new orders from your existing order portals in accordance with their performance limitations.

User authentication

Globus Staffing will be configured for users. The users will access Globus Staffing using their Office365 accounts and Single-Sign-On or a unique username and password.


Globus can integrate with CRMs and shared e-mail inbox to enable parsing of incoming job requests via e-mail if required .  

To initiate the work related to integrations, Globus is dependent on the following information:

· API-Key / Access tokens:

o Production environment

o Sandbox Environment

· Office365 E-mail integration (if applicable)

Parsing setup:

o Set up shared inbox  

o Send credentials of shared inbox  

Given that all information is available, the CRM integration will allow for fetching data on:

  • Customer name
  • Departments
  • Candidates
  • Candidate attributes
  • Projects
Order portals

We have solutions available to multiple order portals, to enable existing integrations or establish a custom one please contact your Customer Success manager.  

Outlook mailbox integration (Parsing)

Globus can integrate with your shared inbox, to fetch job requests received by email.

Each email will automatically generate a corresponding job requirement in Globus Staffing.

o A link to the original email will be directly accessible in Globus Staffing.

o The level of detail of the job requirements in Globus Staffing is dependent on the structure and format of e-mails.

o All parsed e-mails will receive a “Globus Staffing” label in the shared Outlook inbox.

o It is always recommended that job requirements parsed from e-mails are verified in Globus Staffing by the end-users to ensure that data is parsed correctly.

Globus will research the e-mail examples provided from the end client to determine parsing feasibility.  

To prepare for the development of the parser(s) Globus will provide mapping tables to be filled out, including:

o Customer mappings

o Department mappings

o Location mappings

Creating new job requests

The following fields will be enabled in Globus Staffing on the order creation page. These fields will have dropdown lists with data fetched from your CRM integration (with possibilities of auto-complete search) or will be automatically populated through parsing (quality of data population is dependent on e-mail structure and quality).  

  • Customer name
  • Department name
  • Location  
  • Role  
  • CRM/ATS Customer
  • Contact Person  
  • Information for Candidates
  • Deadline
  • Shift date and timings
  • Period (for longer job requirements where shifts are not available)

Order portal

Globus has developed an order portal that can be enabled per customer. This allows customers to place job-requests directly onto your Globus account. Order portals can be configured as requested.

  • Customer gets their own login to the order portal
  • They can create an order based on the following parameters:

         o Customer name (pre-set)

          o Department

          o Location

          o Role

          o Time of shift/period

          o Deadline

          o Additional comments  

  • Submitted job requests from the portal will be automatically created in Globus Staffing. Candidates will be matched based on provided details in the request.

Candidate page


All candidates fetched from your CRM will be displayed in the candidates’ tab in Globus Staffing. All booked shifts and/or periods will also be viewable on this tab.


From the candidates tab you can view your candidate(s) availability in a calendar view and send availability requests to one candidate or bulk-send to multiple candidates.  

You can select the time-period of when you want updated availability and send out availability requests via E-mail and/or SMS. Candidates receive a web-link where they easily can update availability

  • Candidate responses are updated immediately in Globus Staffing and will be reflected in the calendar view.  
  • Candidate availability can also be added/edited by end-users of Globus Staffing
  • Candidate availability will be used for matching candidates to job requests.  


To narrow candidate searches on the candidate page and to add/remove candidates on job requests, custom filters can be configured. What filters to configure is to be decided during the implementation phase.  

Candidate information

Candidate-specific information will be viewable on every candidate’s information-card. Information viewable can be adjusted as needed.  

Recommender and Matching

Globus will configure and enable our AI-matching functionality for all job requests. When job requests are created either manually or through parsing, Globus will automatically match candidates based on weighted parameters.  

Matching parameters include:

  • Matching Role  
  • Matching Location  
  • Candidate availability  
  • Active candidate
  • Candidate Work history

Additionally, self-learning will improve matching results over increased usage.  

Matching criteria's will be weighted during the implementation phase, to ensure the most accurate recommendations.

Candidate and customer communication

When working with Globus Staffing there are several possibilities of sending out information to candidates and customers through SMS and E-mail. 

Before Go-live, Globus will provide a template with examples of all E-mails, SMS and other text information visible for external parties, so these can be customised. The template with updated texts must be sent back to Globus in advance of the set Go-live date.

Fulfilling orders with Globus

Send orders to your candidates via SMS or email. The candidate then has the opportunity to view the order’s details and decide whether to accept or reject some or all of the shift(s) or period offered.

You will be instantaneously notified of the candidate’s response within the application.

Candidate confirmation 

After assigning a candidate to a shift or when a customer has accepted the candidate, the candidate will be sent a confirmation email (and sms) that may include: 

  • Customer 
  • Department 
  • Visiting address of customer (if available) 
  • Role 
  • Contact information (If agreed to be enabled) 
  • Overview of assigned shifts / period

Help and Support

As part of your standard package with Globus you have a dedicated CSM to lead you through implementation and onboarding. You will also have access to a full development team covering parsing, integrations and configuration.

Depending on your implementation requirements, regular meetings will be scheduled, and project timelines created and shared.

Full training is provided by your CSM during the onboarding phase and refresher training can be booked in past your initial go-live.  

Resources can be accessed in the Globus help centre and the team can be reached on or by using the chat bubble within the Globus application.  

New features and updates are published here and you will be informed about them via in app announcements.

With love,

Globus AI team