Meet Kevin O’Keeffe, our Enterprise Client Manager: " Globus AI are going to really disrupt the way agencies work."

Jul 7, 2021

Today, we'd like to introduce you to Kevin O’Keeffe, our Enterprise Client Manager, who joined our UK team last month. If you want to find out more about Kevin's career path and his favourite animals, please read on.

My name is Kevin O’Keeffe and I have been in and around recruitment technology for the last 13 years.

Like most people I ‘fell’ into sales. Firstly, selling advertising space, then a media buyer before finding my niche as a sales rep and working my way up from there. I bring a wealth of experience to the role, selling successfully to multiple stakeholders at large global organisations at every role I’ve held. I just love talking to new people, hearing about the challenges that they face and then working with them, and my team, to come up with practical solutions. Now that is job satisfaction.

I love the recruitment industry; the crazy and interesting people you meet at events and the sheer amount of dedication that runs through it is staggering. I genuinely believe that it is also one of the most innovate places to work; this is an industry that is always willing to look at something and embrace the new. Asking, what is the next thing that is going to advance our sector?

It is for this reason that when the opportunity to join Globus AI came along, I just couldn’t say no, it feels like a great fit. Not only was the founding value of the company to ‘Make life better for people’, but it is a value we live by and that drives us forward. Being able to ensure that for one of our sectors, Healthcare, we’d be able to make sure that more of the right care staff were taking relevant shifts to help more sick people was just an amazing achievement and something I wanted to be part of. Utilising Artificial Intelligence to accomplish that was an additional incentive., are going to really disrupt the way that agencies work with their temporary/ rostered candidates for the betterment of all. Who could say no to that?

And I know you're all dying to know, so here are a few of my favourite things:  my favourite animal is either a Honey Badger (check them out) or Beaver (Nature's engineers). When it comes to food - I really love a Veg-filled burrito with a strong cuppa or a cold lager (depending on time of day).

You can easily get in touch with Kevin by dropping him a line at .

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