Keep your talent fresh not refreshed by Kevin O’Keeffe, Enterprise Client Manager at Globus AI

Dec 2, 2021

I have been working with temporary staffing agencies for about six months now (and in Rec Tech for 13 years!). I have to say, what an awesome part of the industry it is! Surely it must be one of the most competitive, and fastest moving sectors I’ve been a part of. In this sector, whoever has the quickest clicks gets the placement. Talk about pressure.

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Low-value interactions

And it’s because of this fastest finger recruitment that we see lots of low-value interactions; ALL the recruiters I speak to hate having to keep multiple tabs on their browser open, continuously hitting F5 to refresh the pages to find a specific shift so they can fill it first. Simultaneously, they must keep an eye on any emailed orders coming in.  

I am sure that this will sound very familiar to a lot of you out there; each recruiter will have a working list of about 15-30 candidates. These are people that they know inside out, these candidates have been filling the same shifts for ages. Your recruiters are having to constantly REFRESH those pages until that shift is released and then make sure they place that candidate first – fastest finger wins again!

Plateau in talent

In all seriousness though, this leads to a plateau for the business because individual recruiters are working flat out - they can't physically make any more placements per day.

So, what do you do to push through your plateau? How can you as a business empower your recruiters to become everyday heroes? Ensuring that they are not only placing candidates, but that they are placing the BEST candidates, and doing it quicker than anyone else? Plus, also increasing the usage of your candidate database by up to 20% and making their work 20-30% more efficient? No, not by putting it on your Christmas list.

Naturally, the answer lies with technology.  

Introducing AI-based staffing

This is actually why Globus came into being – using technology to empower your recruiters into becoming those everyday heroes. Using AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to ensure the best candidate for a shift gets that shift. Those low-value interactions we mentioned above, why not automate those? This will give your team time back to find newer, FRESHER, candidates for more shifts. Imagine all shifts in a single pane of glass, with recommended candidates assigned to the shifts ready to be contacted or placed.

Your plateau has just seen a seismic shift. Better still, because you’re using AI, with each successful placement your algorithms become more efficient and accurate at finding those shifts and recommending candidates. When shifts are regularly filled, the Globus Staffing can start to automate new shifts too — giving you the potential for exponential growth. Moreover, it can then tell you what shifts you’re missing out on every week or month. Because all shifts will appear within the Globus Staffing platform, you’ll be able to see how many shifts you filled in any given discipline against how many were actually released.

Key points to remember

So, to recap:

  1. Globus offers a ‘single pane of glass’ where all shifts from all sources are held, (VMS’ – email – spreadsheets) easily filtered and visible. Find new shifts for new candidates quickly and easily.
  2. Automate the placement of your regular candidates. Increase your relevant billings, simply due to having more time available, after automating the regular placements.
  3. Easily send/ receive candidate availability.
  4. Increase database usage by up to 20%.
  5. See how many shifts you missed out on per day/ week.

Globus is now an established weapon for some of the biggest temporary workforce agencies in the UK.  

We are the only AI-built middleware solution that integrates with shift demand portals, email parsing, and your business CRMs.  

Move beyond being a company of REFRESHERS and inject some FRESH talent into the mix. Want to learn how? Get in touch with Globus now.  

You can easily get in touch with Kevin by dropping him a line at .

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