Globus Stories
July 1, 2021

Meet Vince McLaughlin, our UK Country Manager: "Globus AI is completely changing the landscape for temporary healthcare staffing."  

Today, we'd like to introduce you to our UK Country Manager, Vince McLaughlin, who joined us earlier this year. Read on to find out about Vince's career journey, his vision for Globus AI and his favourite football player.

My journey started in more technical positions, being an IT manager then a technical consultant to some of the world’s largest organisations, focussing on IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. I have an education that includes studying for an honours degree in Mathematics with applied computing, so I’m a self-confessed geek!

I gradually moved towards more commercial roles. Prior to joining Globus AI, I had around 15 years experience in sales and sales leadership, including 5 years of senior positions in various Recruitment Technology companies.

Globus AI is completely changing the landscape for temporary healthcare staffing. This isn’t simply a better technology for recruiters – this is a way to ensure that more shifts are covered, reducing the shortfall in the healthcare sector which improves quality of care and reduces wait time for patients whilst also helping healthcare professionals to find more work too. The entire sector is winning from providers to workers to patients.

Globus AI has so many practical applications to other verticals too including education, hospitality, energy, construction and light industrial. It’s my job to bring Globus AI to the UK and then to all other English speaking markets by the next 1,5 and 10 years and I am super excited!

I am season ticket holder at the Emirates, and whilst Dennis Bergkamp is my favourite player of all time – probably the best all-rounder ever to play in the Premier League (argue amongst yourselves at this point!), Kieran Tierney is my current favourite Arsenal player – his grit and determination, whilst never being ‘too big for his boots’ is a great example.

You can easily get in touch with Vince by dropping him a line at .