Our wonderful partners

We work closely with our partners to ensure future-proof integrations with API-led connectivity.

A great user experience requires holistic product development, also across systems. In close collaboration with our partners, we focus on seamless, robust, and effective interfaces.

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Technology partners

Our partnerships allow you to easily connect to your email inbox and job portals for incoming orders. Quickly sign in with O365 SSO, connect Globus to your ATS or CRM system and let the AI work for you. Write back enriched data to your existing systems and let go of manual data clean-up and manual updates. Download insights, or view it in our Insights module, or use Power BI to guide the strategic discussions. Read more about existing and future integrations in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Business development partners

Our wonderful network of advisors, business development partners and investors help us progress faster and maximize our impact. Please contact us for more information on how to become a business development partner.

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Let's build and implement awesome things together. Join our growing ecosystem of partners today!

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