Save time, increase transparency and
improve workflow  

Improve your workforce visibility and productivity, along with the quality of personnel placements. Refresh your data and get to know your candidates in greater detail, so you can find the right experts for each role easier.

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Increase in talent pool utilization


reduction in time spent allocating staff


of all orders processed instantly regardless of volume

Work with your system, not against it

Unlike complex administrative systems, Globus AI is an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art tool that enables quick response to personnel need. It will simplify your staffing processes and work in tandem with systems like Gat and Gerica. 

Say goodbye to your workday struggles

The Globus AI system eliminates the need for inefficient local Excel sheets, long complex email threads and post-it notes on whiteboards. Provide structure to your workflow and get on top of your day.

Say hello to a familiar face

With Globus AI, candidates are matched based on their work history, competence and past experience. This means placing healthcare workers where they are already familiar with local procedures and systems.

Never lose track again

With all data and relevant information presented in a simple overview (and not buried in private emails), you can rest assured of business continuity. If a staffing coordinator is off sick, handover is as simple as picking up their cases where they left off.

Competence mapping

Enrich your data on each candidate and start seeing immediate benefits thanks to our competence mapping that considers a candidate’s past experience and skills.

AI matching

The staffing assistant automatically suggests candidates at the touch of a button. Finding the right person, with the right qualification and the right availability.


Benefit  from transparent processes and workflows. Every coordinator is  up-to-date with staff availability and placement status.


Make full use of your candidate pool. Build lasting relationships with all of your temporary healthcare staff members.

"With Globus AI we have gained a faster and more agile system for all our team leaders. Who now have an easier job of finding the right candidates at all times, giving them more time to spend on other important tasks.”

Irene Milford
Staffing coordinator
District of Nordstrand

“A faster and more agile workday for all our team leaders who get an easier job of finding the right candidates at all times so they can spend more time on other important tasks”

Irene Milford, Staffing coordinator, District of Nordstrand