Connect with all your candidates - at scale

Globus' Platform understands preferences, competencies, emotions, and behaviors of customers and candidates.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, the incoming orders are handled automatically - with a personal touch.

The matching of competences and interests with the right roles, is done within seconds.

Due to machine learning this process will speed up over time, and replace hours and minutes with seconds.

New feature: Continuous AI-driven candidate engagement to activate all the talents in your database. Powered by advanced text generation from ChatGPT available directly in Globus.

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Tired of browsing and filtering through outdated information in the search for the right candidate?



Deep understanding of job requirements

When incoming requests are automatically registered, extracts relevant requirements and instantly begins the search for the ideal candidate. Processing and interpreting thousands of staff requests every single day creates a deep understanding of customer requirements, and the profiles sought for.


Detailed and always up-to-date understanding of your candidates uses every opportunity to learn, and continue to update and enrich the profiles of your candidates. We learn from your recruiters, your customers and your candidates. Combining candidate availability, interests, preferences, experience, references, and qualifications help us suggest the best candidates for every request. Machine learning to understand preferences, competencies, emotions, and behaviors – is in the DNA of


Perfecting the matching process, every day

The placing of candidates in matching roles, is done within seconds. Due to machine learning, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

Automation. Intelligence. Matching.

Ordinary staff management software is treating the staffing process as project management.
No feelings, just hard data moving around. But as we all know, staff management and recruiting is different! It's all about giving people a chance. Everyday heroes. Which is why the most successful staffing agencies are the ones that combines computing with human insight. The right touch.

But no matter how successful you are, at some point you will need help with that human touch.
You will need software that actually shares your values. Working hard and fast, but still finding the perfect candidate for each and every job – because the software knows you.
It knows your candidates. And your client.


Faster response time


More candidates available


More vacancies processed

How we do it

Globus' Platform is a cloud-based, human-centric software that enables staffing agencies and recruiters to place more candidates– faster. Much faster. From requests to search, matching and booking – the whole process can take seconds. Even with high volume job requirements. Our customers typically improve their results with up to 40%.

First, we Capture

The Globus Platform will automatically process
all incoming job requests. Converting
each order, no matter the format,
into a unified style that can be further
analysed and stored.

Then, we Connect

Quickly match available staff to roles, based on their competencies and experience. With the accuracy of recommendations growing with time, Globus Staffing continuously learns from feedback data.

Finally, we Confirm

Finally, the placing and confirmation of candidates in matching roles, is done within seconds. With machine learning and user input, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

Let us show you
how we solve it!

See how the Globus Platform automates
time-consuming tasks,
collects data in all stages of the staffing process
and helps you to make better decisions over time.

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