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Streamlined communication saves time for recruiters, candidates, and customers.

Yes, automation doesn't have to be formal and unfriendly. Globus' Platform loves the personal touch. That's why we built our Engage module, built specifically to cover the needs of recruiters and candidates.

We promote simplicity, intuitiveness, customizable templates with ChatGPT, and ease of use. We go head-on against communication silos, vulnerable spreadsheets, manual plotting, and floating sticky notes.

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Are you struggling with emails, texts and spreadsheets to manage candidate availability? Engage with your entire candidate database - at scale.

Engage with your candidates - at scale


Automated availability management from your pocket has, together with recruiters and candidates, developed a unique way of requesting availability information. More than 90% of the candidates regularly updates their availability (vs an industry average of approximately 30%). The information is used directly in the matching, and reduces the amount of spam or irrelevant requests to candidates, thus maintaining high response rates.


Your choice: Automatic sending to top candidates, all candidates, or customize with a personal touch

Speed and personal touch – Globus covers them both. Candidates can be grouped and campaigns can be personalized to each role and opportunity, from locations to skills and qualifications. Copy and imagery can be automatically populated to engage and inspire candidates, including the benefits of a certain role or project or why a specific location and workplace are appealing. 


All candidate and customer responses in one shared interface

Enhance your team collaboration with Globus' respond functionality. Since all requests and all replies are structured and easily visible on the platform, you and your colleagues remain in full control. Your recruiters can collaborate to solve requests, and cover for each other in periods with holidays or sick leave.

Automation. Intelligence. Matching.

Collaborate with colleagues. Faster. Smarter.
Globus doesn’t just enable you to unlock the potential of your recruiters, it also creates lasting relationships with your candidates. The result? More activated candidates who are likely to respond to incoming job orders and keep their availability updated. Making your placements quicker and more successful. 


Faster response time


More candidates available


More vacancies processed

Communicate with candidates. Faster. Better.

All the communication is streamlined through the Globus Platform, with easy-to-use, one-click submissions for candidates and customers. Placing candidates in matching roles is done within seconds. Due to machine learning, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

First, we Capture

Globus Platform will automatically process
all incoming job requests. Converting
each order, no matter the format,
into a unified style that can be further
analysed and stored.

Then, we Recommend

Quickly match available staff to roles, based on their competencies and experience. With the accuracy of recommendations growing with time, the Globus Platform continuously learns from feedback data.

Finally, we Engage

Finally, the placing of candidates in matching roles, is done within seconds. With machine learning and user input, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

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Globus Difference!

See how the Globus Platform automates
time-consuming tasks,
collects data in all stages of the staffing process
and helps you to make better decisions over time.

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