One dashboard for your recruiters.

A complete overview of all job requests from your clients.

View and manage all open vacancies on a single screen. Make the whole staffing process seamless with the power of AI, which consolidates all job orders from emails, different inboxes, job portals and other message systems.

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How many job orders are you missing out on cause they’re based on external portals, emails, and other message systems?

Capture job requests


Collect all job requests - from every source connect to all sources where job requests arrive and collect in one single overview - one dashboard.


Understand the content of every request reads and understands the requirements for every position, using AI to recommend actions, intelligently match candidates to opportunities, and communicate with candidates.


Prioritize all open requests

Incoming requests from any source are automatically sorted by priority, urgency, and strategic importance so your recruiters can focus on immediate actions and the most promising opportunities.

Automation. Intelligence. Matching.

With the Globus Platform, staffing agencies can cover up to 40% more shifts every day. Our intelligent software reads all incoming job opportunities for your recruiters, then finds the best candidates automatically, and helps to schedule them into assignments - within seconds.


Faster response time


More candidates available


More vacancies processed

How we do it is cloud based, human centric software that enables staffing agencies and recruiters to place more candidates– faster. Much faster. From requests to search, matching and booking – the whole process can take seconds. Even with high volume job requirements. Our customers typically improve their results with up to 40%.

First, we Capture

Globus Staffing will automatically process
all incoming job requests. Converting
each order, no matter the format,
into a unified style that can be further
analysed and stored.

Then, we Recommend

Quickly match available staff to roles, based on their competencies and experience. With the accuracy of recommendations growing with time, Globus Staffing continuously learns from feedback data.

Finally, we Engage

Finally, the placing of candidates in matching roles, is done within seconds. With machine learning and user input, this intelligent process improves over time, and saves recruiters hours of manual work – every day.

Experience the
Globus Difference!

See how the Globus Platform automates
time-consuming tasks,
collects data in all stages of the staffing process
and helps you to make better decisions over time.

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