Our frequently asked questions

Would we need to replace or upgrade our CRM or ATS System?

No, Globus Staffing connects to your existing systems and adds value on top of the technology stack you already have. We connect to your CRM or ATS system and synchronise relevant data both ways. All your orders and job requirements become visible in one view.

You can expect to:

  • Spend less time searching for assignments in Outlook/Gmail.
  • Spend less time refreshing and searching for assignments in various job portals.
  • Worry less about data quality in your CRM and ATS system (as our AI and dynamic candidate and customer profiles helps you improve data quality over time as you use the product).
  • Spend less time updating candidate availability (automatically updated in Globus Staffing).
  • Ease the process of matching candidates, as Globus recommends the best candidates for each assignment.  
  • Candidates are automatically matched with your top candidates and registered back to your ATS system.

How does Globus Staffing handle the compliance requirements in different verticals/industries?

A candidate profile in Globus can contain many attributes including compliance information and we use these attributes during the search and match process.  Our recommender engine uses a combination of attributes - preferences, historic data, regulative and compliance requirements (and many more!) - to match the best, most available, and compliant candidates for each assignment.

Can you read from CV files in our database (PDF/unstructured format)?

Typically, candidates are already stored in the ATS or CRM database with attributes when they have been cleared to take on assignments. CV parsing has not yet been requested or deemed necessary by any of our existing clients. We read the candidate profiles from your database and append any necessary attributes and information.

Is payroll and invoicing a part of the system?

All required information related to payment and invoicing is posted to you ATS system in the right format for quick auto processing. Information related to trust/customer/department/project, assignment and salary information, including dates and working hours, is registered to your ATS system in the right format for further processing.

What about the pricing?

To get more information or to chat to one of our colleagues, please click here.

Do you integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we are currently completing the launch of a new integration with Microsoft Teams that allows Globus Staffing to work seamlessly with your instance of Teams.

Does your product have integrations with different CRM and ATS systems?

Yes, we integrate with several CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), including:

  • Salesforce
  • Bullhorn
  • Eclipse
  • MatchMaker
  • Recman
  • Webtemp
  • Visma Gat

Globus Staffing and your ATS system will mirror each other, so that you’ll always have the most up-to-date information in both systems.  Can’t see your system on the list? We are continuously working on new API integrations. Get in touch with us to learn more about when your solution is added to our list, or simply tell us what integration you would like us to add next.

Can you read job requirements and orders from portals?

Yes, we capture orders and job requirements from the largest portals in the Nordics and the UK. For other countries, please contact us for a free exploration session, our technical representatives are here to help.

Can you read job requirements and orders from emails?

Yes, we capture all relevant information about the assignment(s) from emails and email attachments (spreadsheet, documents, PDFs, and weblinks), and automatically match relevant candidates from your database.

Is our data safe with Globus Staffing, and are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant. Protecting your data and keeping it safe is our priority. For more information, please refer to the security measures in our Data Protection Agreement and Privacy notice.