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Our goal is to support partners in boosting their market share by collaborating on sales and marketing initiatives that enhance customer reach and engagement.

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Our Story was born in 2017 in Oslo, Norway. Today, we are a remote-first global company with a multicultural team.

The idea of bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the recruitment business has grown rapidly over the past five to six years. We are proud to be a leading change-maker in this sector and our goal is to invite all innovative recruiters world wide, to take part in this journey.

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Our Core Values


We help each other out.


We take initiative.


We continue learning.

Our Vision

Give more people the opportunity to make a difference.

We believe having a purpose is the foundation for happiness in life. Everyone – everywhere – deserves the chance to find their purpose. We are working to connect people with the right opportunities to live a meaningful life.

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We empower your whole recruitment team, we engage & activate your whole candidate database and we let you get a head start on job requests, searches, matching, and booking - with Globus the whole process take seconds and save hours.
We solve the below questions for you and more.

How many job orders are you missing out on cause they’re based on external portals, emails, and other message systems?
How engaged are your candidates and how many of them are ready for deployment?
Are your recruiters working on the most promising opportunities and the actions they urgently need to complete?